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UNLOCK the full potential of your sales


Modules and services are designed to be standalone or integrated into your existing team, offering maximum flexibility and team work.

We offer:

Commercials (Clients & Suppliers)

  • Strategic Commercials & Sourcing Downstream Clients

  • Channel Manager / Switch Strategy & Sourcing (Suppliers)


Services & support (Configuration & Optimization)

  • Distribution Analysis & Business Optimisation

  • Juniper System Configuration & Optimisation

  • Error Management & Degradation Control



  • Secure Trading (VCC & Client Credit Insurance Cover) consultancy


Our pricing policy is designed to offer you the most cost effective and productive outcome for your business. We are also accommodating to allow you to scale up fast and in some cases optimise, by scaling down or switching plans

​​We allow shared and dedicated resources, or a hybrid of the two to build a strong team.

Shared resources allow you to tap into professional experienced people, but without employing highly paid staff full time when in reality the workflow only utilises them partially.

Dedicated resources work only for you, however have the added advantage of learning from the Gaiety team and been located in our office right next to Juniper (just 10 meters away in the same building on the same floor)

A hybrid solution is a mix of the two offering flexibility and cost savings.


The goal is to save you money and achieve maximum production at the same time. The success of any business relies on controlling cost and boosting productivity.


Some travel companies thrive and some struggle, why?


The travel industry is huge however earning a slice of the cake takes skill and experience. Professional people can take your business right to the leading edge where business is booming.

Everyone wants to work with market leaders so let our team complement your business  and together we will identify and develop processes and strategies to win instant success.

Our task is to simplify travel distribution by managing all the complexity and letting you focus on the parts of the business you enjoy most.



Gaiety's speciality is big data translation, strategy, hotel distribution, XML connectivity and system stability all designed to achieve growth. We are also specialists in supporting Juniper Travel Software clients and our goal is to help every Juniper client become successful and profitable.

We support the Juniper Booking Engine, Cangoroo Booking Engine and the Juniper Hub (Juniper connectivity platform) and all the related tools like the BI and so on. Juniper is extremely powerful software especially when driven by a professional team such as Gaiety.

Most good software is loaded with 1000's of tools and this is a challenge for any user and Juniper is no different. We can make those challenges disappear because our team already understands how and when to use all these tools, so you can focus on growing your business because sustainable growth is successful growth.



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