All our services start with understanding your business, your vision and the immediate, medium and longterm goals. We can also help and guide you to develop the initial strategy.

Business Meeting
Strategic Commercials & Sourcing Downstream Clients (Demand)

Finding the right clients for your business is a critical part of building a profitable and sustainable business. Having a good strategy, understanding who is a good fit for your product, and knowing how to arrive to those clients technically is our strength.


We have a large network of connections and we would be glad to help you reach out and connect new clients. Counting Juniper clients, other switches and hubs, 3rd party connections, and all downstream clients, Juniper can arrive to  50,000 agencies.

Finance Chart
Channel Manager / Switch Strategy & Sourcing (Suppliers)

Direct contracting is a huge advantage for anyone selling. Juniper is connected to many channel managers, switches and market places. Client compatibility can be a challenge though, so understanding this matrix and connecting to the actual hotels is a major task.

If you are looking at loading your own contracts check out Travel Helper below for data entry and training options

Commercials (Clients & Suppliers)

Team Members
Distribution Analysis & Business Optimisation

We start with analysis and this task is split into 31 processes where we drill down into the data to retrieve pointers (KPI's) and this allows us to focus on each aspect of client and supplier performance and limitations.

We develop the distribution matrix and a clear roadmap in order to convert searches into bookings and margins that will make your business both sustainable and scalable.

Juniper System Configuration & Optimisation

Our Juniper system professionals have a thorough understanding of the interface and the integrations flow of most clients and most suppliers. In the case they need help we have Juniper just meters away and they're always very accommodating to us. This allows us to stay up to date with software developments and with our insight into the system we are also able to make precise and advanced configurations and workarounds. This can make the difference between good production and surviving.

Data Reviewing
Error Management & Degradation Control

Having a dedicated team managing errors and understanding all the cryptic codes is essential to optimising sales and making sure your clients don't become frustrated with technical failures in your API feed.


Some clients are very sensitive to errors and system performance and these are often the premium clients who buy well and pay well. Error management and degradation control are key processes to building sales and your business.

Services & support (Configuration & Optimization)

Insurance Agent
Secure Trading (VCC & Client Credit Insurance Cover)

Getting credit from suppliers is a challenge and getting paid by your clients can be the difference between steady, sustainable growth and sudden failure.

Insuring your clients also gives your company a credit score, so this solves 2 challenges, 1. trading safely so you can always get paid and always pay your suppliers, and 2. your credit score allows suppliers to give you credit. Converting credit into profit and enough credit into profit is critical to paying overhead.

VCC allows you to buy directly from the large hotel groups, offering more margin and more rateplans


hotel Check In
Travel Helper 24/7 Operations & Customer Support
  • ​Operations Management & 24/7 Customer Support

  • Hotel Reconfirmation (HCN retrieval)

  • 24/7 System & Downtime Monitoring

  • Data Entry (Hotel Contract Loading)

  • Reservations Rebook & Margin Maximisation

Travel Helper - (Gaiety BPO Services)

Credit Control & Payment Schedule Preparation

Our credit control service is designed as an add-on to Travel Helper operations support. Just matching bookings to payments is not enough. Problem bookings, refunds, partial refunds, and all other adjustments need to be synchronised between operations, credit control/accounts and your Juniper system. From there the transactions can be transferred to an accounting program, and usually this is managed by the client (yourself).


This service is normally integrated with your own accounts team to support them.